Rock Solid Ministries & Christ For Motorsports


Rock Solid Ministries was founded in 1985 as a Para Church
organization as a 501-C3 non-profit church ministry! We
began in 1995 ministering in home churches and at
RT 66
Drag Strip. We bring Christ to those who were unable to
attend their own church or have no affiliation to a church.
We hold devotional services in the pits of those who can
not go to a regularly scheduled service which means we are
moving from pit to pit most of the day sharing Jesus and
his Good News with the racers, crews, fans and safety
workers. We became affiliated with many of the fire safety
teams of the local tracks and the
NHRA who are the real
unsung heroes of any racing venue!

In 2004 we began to minister exclusively to the needs at
the RT 66 drag strip staff and crews. We have become very
close to many of the
NHRA Racers from around the country
that frequent our facility.  

We have a prayer ministry to all who request our prayers.
The prayer team is around the country and consists of more
than 2000 "Prayer Partners" nationwide! Our emphasis is
to live Christ not just preach Him! This we call "Relationship
Evangelism", Walking the talk in the real world! When there
is a crash or someone at the event is injured we follow up
with them and if necessary go to the hospital and
sometimes transport the family to the hospital!

Thank You
Plymouth Congregational Church Family

"Christ For Motorsports"

Our main objective :

To see that the Rodders and show participants are getting a
Christian fellowship and are receiving a close relationship
with our Lord Jesus Christ.

To provide an atmosphere where the Rodders want to hear
the Word of God.  God loves each and everyone of us.

To seek out the hurting and the ones feeling abandoned by
life in general.  So many have been pushed away from
Christian fellowship.

To reach everyone of all religious affiliations.  No barriers to
anyone who wishes to participate in fellowship.

To give LOVE, HOPE and PROMISE that the Lord is near and
will be coming soon.

“ Christ for Motorsports”

A Chaplain service for:
Rods, Customs and Classic
Car enthusiast, bringing
God’s Word to the
World of Rod Runners.

Pastor Michael L. Williams
112 Kensington St.
Middletown, Oh 45044
(513)  705-0918 H
(513)  571-8135 C
(Email) williamspastormi@aol.com

Pastor, Chaplain and
Certified minister.
About Rock Solid Ministries & Christ For Motorsports
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